Regulations for people using the Ski Resort Facility in Łódź

Regulations for people using the indoor artificial ski and snowboard slopes at the Ski Resort in Łódź.

In Ski Resort Łódź (hereinafter also referred to as the Facility) there are two year-round slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Using the Facility, as well as practicing other sports, may carry the risk of injury. In order to ensure the greatest satisfaction and minimize risk, we have created these Regulations, which you should read and obey.


1. The Facility is managed by MTL. S.C. with its registered office located at ul. Starorudzka 10B Łódź.

2. The Facility may only be used by persons (hereinafter referred to as Users) who have paid the fee in accordance with the applicable price list, during the opening hours of the Facility and have been trained individually or in groups by the staff. Proof of completing training in the use of equipment located in the Facility will be confirmed by the User with his/her own signature on the appropriate Statement.

3. In the case of minors, the consent of parents or legal guardians is required.

4. The Facility is a sports and recreation facility.

The Facility may be used by persons hereinafter referred to as Users:

• who are over 18 years old – responsible for their own actions;

• who are over 15 years old – under the supervision of an adult person who is responsible for their actions;

• who are under 15 years of age – under the direct care of their parents/legal guardians, except for organized groups (schools, associations, sports clubs, etc.) which are under the direct care of a designated guardian, trainer or tutor.

5. People whose physical effort may even potentially cause a threat to health and life should not use the Facility. Persons with an unstable health condition should use the Facility with particular caution, after consulting their doctor.

6. Each user exercises on the premises of the Facility at their own risk and assumes sole responsibility, being aware of the risks, possibilities and their health condition. The User bears the risk related to amateur and professional sports practice.

7. By accepting these Regulations, the User releases the managers of the Facility from any liability for any injuries and their effects resulting from the use of the equipment and during their visit to the Facility.

8. The User is aware and accepts the fact that the Facility is not responsible for the loss, damage and destruction of items belonging to persons using the Facility.

9. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for any damage in the Facility caused by a User who is under 18 years of age.

10. Walking on structures, entering the ramp of the slopes when they are being used by other Users, touching any mechanical elements used to move the mats, and staying outside a designated place is FORBIDDEN.

11. The use of all devices on the premises of the Facility must be carried out only in accordance with their intended purpose and function, under the supervision of instructors, and with extreme caution. It is forbidden to use devices located in the Facility contrary to their intended use.

12. The staff of the Facility may temporarily limit access to the premises of the Facility due to the maximum number of people being exceeded or in the event that the number of people using it would pose a threat to the Users.

13. Sports clothing must be worn before entering the exercise zone.

14. It is forbidden to bring sharp and loose objects, other items of clothing and jewellery into the exercise zones, which may cause difficulties and pose a danger during exercise.

15. During the exercises and staying in the exercise zone, the pockets of clothing must be empty, no unnecessary items must be carried, except for accessories and devices approved by the staff of the Facility. Wearing glasses and contact lenses is at the User’s own risk. It is not recommended to have mobile phones and other electronic devices while exercising. Employees and managers of the Facility are not responsible for their damage.

16. Drinks should only be consumed and left in the designated area.

17. It is recommended to warm up before starting exercises.

18. On the premises of the Facility, it is forbidden to conduct any activities that threaten the safety of oneself and other users, as well as the sanitary and hygienic condition of the Facility, the following action are prohibited:

a) smoking and using a naked flame,

b) possessing and using any other stimulants and narcotic substances,

c) chewing gum and eating other food during exercising,

d) bringing in glass packaging, cans, sharp tools, weapons and other dangerous items,

e) littering and polluting the premises of the Facility,

f) destroying the devices and equipment of the Facility,

g) bringing into the Facility animals, vehicles and objects that hinder communication.