About us – complex

All-year-round, artificial ski slopes are part of the unique gastronomic, entertainment and recreational Ski Resort complex in Łódź. It is located 15 minutes from the center of the city and has a large, spacious car park.
The resort also has an Alpine Restaurant with a unique atmosphere, and excellent cuisine inspired by Alpine countries, where cultural and many other events are also organized.

About us -ski slopes

Our slopes are a system of automatic treadmills that allow several people to learn or train at the same time.
Training at Ski Resort Łódź is the most effective, economical and fastest way to learn skiing and snowboarding, as well as allowing for the possibility of advanced training for amateurs, professionals and children.

Why is it worth it?

The climate of being on a mountain without the need to leave the city center? Why not! The Ski Resort is a multifunctional amenity which offers all year-round artificial slopes for skiers and snowboarders, both for beginners and more advanced skiers. After skiing/snowboarding you are most welcome to relax in our restaurant.

Training on our ski simulators (indoor slopes) is a tool to improve and develop skiing skills needed in the snow. The teaching methodology and technical possibilities unavailable on traditional slopes guarantee safe and quick learning to navigate the slopes. After a few lessons under the guidance of an instructor, both children and adults who have never experienced the mountains can find themselves perfectly at home on real snow.

Who are the slopes for?

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Let's give children some fun!

Lessons for children

The Ski Resort conducts training sessions full of unforgettable impressions for children and teenagers who want to start their adventure with winter sports, as well as those who have already taken their first steps and want to learn more skiing skills under the supervision of an instructor. We have 100% effectiveness in children’s learning! Our instructors ensure a safe learning environment.

Groundhog club

Classes under the supervision of an instructor are aimed at teaching independent skiing and snowboarding as well as encouraging the youngest to a gain a new passion. Children take their first steps, mainly through play and cooperation in a group. A child can start their adventure on the slopes from the age of four. We provide training at various levels of advancement.
On our slopes you can meet a stuffed animal. This special guest is Groundhog, our mascot, a favourite among the youngest. He willingly engages in sports madness, helps teach his club members how to ski and snowboard, and organizes games and activities

What you need to know and how to prepare?



🎄The voucher is a perfect gift ⛷️

The beginning of winter is a perfect opportunity for an original gift - a voucher for the ski slopes! Give your loved ones the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments on artificial ski slopes! This is a perfect gift idea even for those who are just starting their skiing adventure! Go to the Vouchers tab and let winter magic come into the lives of your loved ones.

🍻 Happy Hour at the Alpine Hut!

After training on our slopes, you are most welcome to put your feet up and relax. We offer a unique Happy Hour at the Alpine Restaurant for skiers from Tuesday to Friday with a 10% discount if you spend over PLN 200. Discover new flavours and enjoy taking in that special alpine atmosphere.


We invite you to a unique recreation center where sport meets relaxation in a truly Alpine environment.

We are located 15 minutes from the center of Łódź!

Contact us

We accept reservations by phone from Tuesday to Sunday from 14:00 – 21:00

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Information about Alpine Restaurant:

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The resort has an open network of high-speed wireless Internet, intended for guests.

Large, safe and free parking.

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We accept reservations by phone from Tuesday to Sunday from 14.00 to 21.00 on 42 663 62 62 or        +48 786 087 000

We invite you to a unique recreation center where sport meets relaxation in a truly Alpine style.

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