Ski slopes

The Ski Resort offers two year-round ski slopes, based on a system of automatic treadmills, which enable simultaneous learning/training for up to four people on each slope. The driving speed is regulated by the speed of the surface of the slopes and, in terms of the effective speed on real snow, is from 1 to 40 km/h. Depending on the skills and level of advancement of users, the inclination of the slope is adjustable from 9 to 22 degrees. So we can simulate real mountain ski runs from easy (blue) to difficult (black).

The slopes are produced by the Dutch company Maxxtracks™, which was founded in 1986 and since then has established its position as the market leader in the most advanced ski simulators. The same slopes can be found in twenty-eight countries around the world, where more than 210 of them are successfully operating.


An important element of the slopes is the running surface. The patented MAXX-GRASS™ technology allows you to take full advantage of ski and snowboard techniques, until recently only possible on snow.